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Pick-up Parcels at your own
A contactless doorstep delivery solution that uses
our gowise app & gowise smart locker.
Get to know gowise smart locker.


How to download gowise app

Gowise AIOT
How to download gowise app
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How to download gowise app
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How to download gowise app

How to register account (collector)
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How to register account (collector)

How to register account (courier)
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How to register account (courier)

Gowise, Your Parcel Management Solutions

Gowise Smart Locker utilises the latest in-house app technology and smart locker solution to provide doorstep & contactless parcel management solutions.

Gowise Smart Locker operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in providing high-level data security, allows drop-offs and collection of parcels anytime at any gowise smart locker of your choice.

No more missed


CCTV Coverage and unique QR code making it extra secure.

Send a wide range of parcels. (Max. 435mm x 340mm x 475mm)

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Contactless and


Easy way to collect parcels anytime at your own convinience.

Locker is user friendly making it easy for anyone to use.

Lineart fixed 30 12 23.png
Wide range of parcels can be
stored in our
gowise smart lockers!
Max. 1.43 ft. x 1.12 ft. x 1.56 ft.
Max. 43.59 cm x 34.14 cm x 47.55 cm
Check our your nearest 24/7 gowise smart locker!
Smart Locker Locations
Any questions on our gowise smart locker? View our FAQ here!
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The Strengths of Gowise Smart Locker
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Download the gowise app here!
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