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Gowise Smart Locker FAQ

Gowise Smart Locker FAQ (13.6.2023)


1. What is a Gowise Smart Locker?

Gowise Smart Locker is a smart locker solution system for enhancing and facilitating the drop-off and collection of parcels & documents anytime at the location of your choice.


2. Where is my nearest Gowise Smart Locker?

 Gowise Smart Lockers can be found in strategic locations such as residential areas and office buildings. Find the nearest Gowise Smart Locker from your location HERE.


3. How could I use the Gowise Smart Locker service?

You need to download the Gowise App for free and register as a user to use the Gowise Smart Locker service.


4. What address should I ship my packages to?

Use your building/ condo or your unit address as a receiving address during checkout for your online purchase.


5. How do I track my parcel(s) that has(have) been sent to Gowise Smart Locker?

You will receive both Whatsapp Message and Gowise App notification after courier staff drop-off your parcel in Gowise Smart Locker. If your mobile number is not registered on Whatsapp, you will receive SMS and Gowise App notification.


6. Do you have a weight limit? (Should be based on parcel size)

No more than 60kg for the largest compartment.


7. What is the size limit for the Gowise Smart Locker compartment?

Small  : 47.5cm (L) x 34.0cm (W) x 9.5cm (H)      

Medium : 47.5cm (L) x 34.0cm (W) x 20.5cm (H)

Large : 47.5cm (L) x 34.0cm (W) x 43.5cm (H)


8. Can I put two or more parcels in the same locker compartment?

Yes, only allowed to do so if the same courier staff has delivered the parcels at the same time and all parcels can be stored within the compartment size limit.


9. What happens if I do not collect the parcel after 24 hours?

We will send a notification as a reminder for you to collect your parcel.


10. What if I am overseas?

We will send a notification as a reminder for you to collect your parcel. If your parcel hasn't been collected after the maximum period of 72 hours, the Admin will contact your Building/ Condo Management to have a better arrangement.


11. How could I contact Gowise if I encounter parcels related issues?

You could message us through the Gowise App Chatbox, where our Customer Service Executive will assist and reply to you as soon as possible.


12. What is Gowise's Operation Hours?

Monday to Friday : 9am-5pm

(exclude public holidays)


13. If there's an emergency which is out of Gowise operation hours how could I contact Gowise?

You may inform your management office crews through whatsapp. They will become the coordinator to settle your issues.


14. How could I Top Up credit in my Gowise App Account ?

You could Top Up using the FPX services, Touch n Go, Boost, Grabpay, Shopee Pay, UnionPay and Mcash.


15. Could I put Food into the Gowise Smart Locker?

No, you are not allowed to put Food into the Gowise Smart Locker.

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